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Pollie's Daylilies and Daylily Nursery

Home of the National Collection of Spider and Unusual Form Hemerocallis

Wide range of Daylilies for sale, all shapes, colours and size.
Please come and see our living catalogue during bloom time.
We are are open Saturday 18th June to Sunday 14th August 2016.
10am to 5pm at weekends and weekday afternoons
2pm to 5-30pm.

Entry by donation to local hospice.

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Pollie's Perennials and Daylily Nursery
Pollie's Picks

Pollie's Pick of the Bunch


Some Daylilies now
less than half price

Please see main catalogue
for details and pictures

ALPINE RHAPSODY Hudson '82 Dip 19" Mid Ev 3½" NOW £2-50
BARBARESCO King/Lamone '00 Dip 26 Mid Dor 6" NOW £7-00
BELLINI Kirchhoff '88 Dip 22" Early/Mid Evr 4" NOW £4-00
BRAND NEW LOVER Brooks '87 Tet 28" Early/Mid/Re. SEv 5" NOW £4-00
BLACK PLUSH Connell ‘55 Dip 32 Mid Ev. 6" NOW £3-50
BURLESQUE Lambert '63 Dip 30" Early/Mid Dor 4" NOW £2-50
CHANGING LATITUDES Shooter '97 Dip 26" Mid/Re Dor 4¼ NOW £5-00
CHERRY EYED PUMPKIN Kirchhoff '91 Tet 28" Mid/Re Sev 5½" NOW £4-50
CONCORDE NELSON Reeve ‘98 Dip 27" Mid Ev. 6½" NOW £9-00
DALLAS STAR Ferris '76 Dip 28" Mid Dor 6½" NOW £5-50
DASHING DOUBLE Kirchhoff ‘94 Dip 26" Early/Mid Sev. 4½" NOW £5-00
DOUBLE BOLD ONE Miller '81 Dip 32" Early/Mid Dor 6" NOW £4-00
DOUBLE CORSAGE Childs .77 Dip 28" Mid/Re Dor. 6" NOW £2-00
DROOPY DRAWERS Murphy ‘05 Dip 54" Late/Re Dor 8" NOW £9-00
DUNE NEEDLEPOINT Pauley ‘86 Dip 29" Mid Dor 6" NOW £2-50
EYE YI YI McCroskey ‘88 Tet 30" Early/Mid Ev. 5" NOW £4-50
EXOTIC STAR Couturier ‘93 Dip 36" Mid Dor 7½" NOW £6-00
FAIRY TALE PINK Pierce'80 Dip 24" Mid SEv. 5½" NOW £2-50
FAITH NABOR Kreckler '76 Dip 30" Mid Dor. 6½" NOW £3-50
FARMER'S DAUGHTER Kirchhoff ‘91 Tet 28" Early/Mid Ev. 5½" NOW £5-00
FLYCATCHER Miller ‘78 Dip 38" Mid/Late Dor 7½" NOW £5-00
FRANK GLADNEY Durio '79 Tet 26" Early/Mid/Re Evr 6½" NOW £4-00
GEORGE JETS ON Yost '99 Dip 28" Early/Mid/Re Dor 3¾" NOW £7-00
GRACE AND FAVOUR Eve Lytton '00 Tet 25" Mid SEv. 5" NOW £5-00
HELTER SKELTER Lambert '81 Dip 28" Mid Dor. 6" NOW £3-00
JABO Reinke '97 Dip 36" Mid/Late/Re Sev 7" NOW £5-50
JANICE BROWN Brown '87 Dip 22" Mid/Late Dor 4¾" NOW £4-50
JUDAH Harris ‘79 Tet 29" Mid Dor. 6" NOW £3-50
KINDLY LIGHT Bechtold ‘52 Dip 28" Mid Dor 9" NOW £3-50
LADYKIN Kennedy'80 Dip 22" Mid/Late Dor 3½" NOW £3-00
LITTLE BUSINESS Maxwell '71 Dip 15" Early/Mid/Re SEv 3" NOW £3-50
LITTLE JUDY Russell '57 Dip 30" Mid/Late Evr 6" NOW £3-00
LUXURY LACE Spalding '59 Dip 30" Mid Dor 4" NOW £2-00
MILADY GREENSLEEVES Lambert ‘80 Dip 32" Mid Dor 7" NOW £6-00
MINI PEARL Jablonski '82 Dip 16" EarlyMid/Re Dor 3" NOW £2-00
MINNIE WILDFIRE Reinke '02 Dip 34" Mid/Late. Dor. 4" NOW £8-00
MOONLIT MASQUERADE Salter '92 Tet 28" Mid SEv 6" NOW £6-00
MOONLIT SUMMERBIRD King/Lamone ‘00 Dip 26 Mid/Late Ev. 6 NOW £10-50
MOONWITCH Salter '91 Tet 26" Mid Sev 4½ NOW £4-50
NASHVILLE LIGHTS Reinke '97 Dip 36" Mid Dor 7" NOW £3-50
NOB HILL Hall ‘62 Dip 36" Mid/Late Dor 5½" NOW £2-50
NO MISTAKE PLANTATION Wild ‘68 Dip 30" Mid Dor 8" NOW £4-00
PENELOPE VESTEY Coe '69 Dip 34" Early/Mid SEv. 5" NOW £2-00
PATTERNS Lambert ‘69 Dip 26" Early/Mid/Re Dor 5" NOW £4-50
PINK DAMASK Stevens '51 Dip 36" Mid Dor 4½" NOW £2-00
PRAGUE SPRING Lambert '85 Dip 30" Mid Dor 7" NOW £4-00
PRICELESS PEARL Reckamp/Klehm '78 Tet 38" Late Dor 6" NOW £4-50
ROSWITHA Trimmer ‘92 Dip 14" EarlyMid/ Dor 3¼" NOW £5-00
RED SUSPENDERS Webster '90 Tet 32" Mid Dor 11" NOW £8-00
ROUND MIDNIGHT Mercer '92 Tet 30" Early/Mid/Re Ev. 6" NOW £6-00
SILOAM URI WINNIFORD Henry '80 Dip 23" Mid Dor 3½ NOW £2-00
SIILVER QASAR Reinke ‘98 Dip 368" Mid Dor 6½" NOW £7-00
SIR KNIGHT Webster '86 Tet 24" Mid/Late Dor 5" NOW £7-00
SPIDER MIRACLE Hendricks ‘86 Dip 32" Mid Dor 8½" NOW £5-00
SNOWY APPARITION Childs ‘80 Tet 30" Mid Dor. 6½" NOW £4-50
SPINDAZZLE Wilson '83 Dip 26^ Mid SEv 6" NOW £4-50
STAFFORD Randall '59 Dip 28" Mid Dor 5 NOW £4-00
STAR OF FANTASY McRae '92 Dip 30" Mid/Late/Re Dor 8½" NOW £6-00
STRAWBERRY CANDY Stamile ‘90 Tet 26" Early/Mid SEv. 4½" NOW £4-50
TUXEDO Carpenter ‘87 et 21" Early/Mid Dor 4¾" NOW £4-00

To avoid dissapointment please order promptly as we do not expect these beautiful Daylilys to be available for long at these prices.

Thank you

Pollie's Picks

I hope looking at this website will inspire you to look at Daylilies as a much valued and appreciated garden perennial for you all.

I have been gardening with my husband on the outskirts of the beautiful New Forest and growing, (and trialling the newer), daylilies for 18 years now and at the last count I had just over 1500 different cultivars in the garden and display areas. So yes, I am just a bit fanatical and the display areas are necessarily huge to house so many daylilies but even the smallest garden could be enhanced by the many different choices of varieties available. It is now possible to find in this country almost every colour you would wish for in a garden plant from very cool near whites and lemons to ultra bright oranges and reds and my preference the blue blacks and lavenders. They can also be very short and small blooms, ideal for cultivation in tubs or rockeries to very tall and striking. My own personal preference is for the plants which form my National Collection which was granted in 2004 of Spider and Unusual Daylilies. These are tall, spidery as opposed to round, and very exotic. Magnificent.

One of the reasons for applying for the National Collection was to promote awareness of my favourite form of daylily and we now open the display area as a living catalogue during bloom time so that I can do my favourite thing and show my daylilies off and maybe even tempt you to purchase something for your garden. So, if you get tired of the beach and you need to recharge your batteries after long walks in the beautiful New Forest why not come and see us. As well as the National Collection we have lots of the beautiful ruffled round ones too if that is more your preference. We are always grateful if, when you visit, you could put a donation in the Oakhaven Hospice tin but there is no set entry charge. The absolute optimum bloom period when most of them will be flowering simultaneously is the four weeks from 26th June onwards.

The mail order catalogue this year has around 400 daylilies included and can be download as a pdf by CLICKING HERE. You will also find here our daylily special offer and order form. This has proved very popular in the past especially for beginners who as yet have not become "hemeroholics" as a cheaper way to get started.

Fuschia Beauty 2009
Hovering Sombrero 2009
Twisted Firestarter 2007

Our track record of successes with daylilies

In 2004 Pollies Daylilies appeared on the Gardeners World television programme, with a follow up rerun in 2006. Filming this was a wonderful experience. Chris Beardshaw and the crew came down for the day and filming took the whole day, between showers. The daylilies, (unlike yours truly), stood up to the very heavy rain well and Chris is so very charismatic and really put a very nervous me at my ease. Most of the take was done at a time when I didn’t realise the cameras were running so I don’t think it turned out too badly!

In 2007 I was very honoured to supply the daylily named Grace and Favour which was used as the masthead of the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show. More exciting was that the plant had been hybridised by a then British based breeder now moved to the sunnier climes of France. It shows that UK breeders are trying and succeeding in getting themselves on the map.

Terry and I are now hybridising on a moderate scale and enjoying some success. I hope from the pictures (CLICK HERE) that you agree. Any seedlings which do not reach Terry’s extremely high standards but are too good to go on the compost heap are on sale here for £3 each. This is a great opportunity for you to buy one and name it yourself. Good fun!

I undertook my first talk on daylilies to the general public on 7th July 2010 to the Dorset Hardy Plant Society. I was so flattered that, having listened to me chattering on when they visited, they then came back and asked me to do this.

Shuffle The Deck
Mimosa Umbrella
Parade Of Peacocks

Reasons for growing daylilies in your garden

Daylilies are very versatile plants which respond well to a little care and love, warm sunshine, (I wish), i.e. not much shade and a little moisture at bloom time, ( no problem there, then) and reasonably good soil. Daylilies come in all shapes, colours and sizes and are reasonably problem free. The slugs and snails rather like them when they first emerge so a bit of vigilance is required then. I am often asked about this so I will mention that the early flowering varieties only can be effected by a gall midge which may necessitate the removal of the first early buds but is easily controlled by doing this and trials are now taking place at Wisley to look at ways of dealing with this problem. But I am stressing again that daylilies are pretty much problem free and although each bloom only flowers for a day once the plants have established in your garden you can have as many as 200 blooms on each plant over a long period. I am always surprised, when seeing how exotic dayliles are, just how attractive they are to native beneficial insects. They certainly attract hover flies in their hundreds, (eating the pollen much to Terry's disgust as this seriously curtails his breeding attempts), and also many, many ladybirds. Wonderful!

Pollie's Perennials and Daylily Nursery