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Pollie's Daylilies and Daylily Nursery

Home of the National Collection of Spider and Unusual Form Hemerocallis

Wide range of Daylilies for sale, all shapes, colours and size.
Please come and see our living catalogue during bloom time.
Saturday June 17th to Sunday August 13th 2017
10am to 5pm at weekends.
Weekday afternoons 2pm to 5.30pm excluding Mondays.
Or any time by appointment.

Entry by donation to local hospice.

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Pollie's Perennials and Daylily Nursery

Daylily News

A Message from Pollie 2017

Hello there, the sun is shining and perhaps Spring isn’t too far away so a big welcome to my 2017 plant list. Yet again I have had so much fun putting the catalogue together although I must say sorry to my very loyal customers as there still isn’t very much new for 2017 although I hope you will at least enjoy trawling through the much reduced catalogue. We have been streamlining a bit this year as my back is now pretty weak and we have had to cut down on the sale plants again. On the plus side this leaves more room for yet another display bed with all our newest purchases in, can’t wait to see them all bloom. We are still buying like mad and I am enjoying seeing them get to display level, gosh there is so much beauty out there.

Bloom time arrived and with it again lots of lovely visitors including a deputation from Prague Botanical Gardens, they first came a few years ago and it was lovely to meet the next generation of gardeners. As most of you will know I am truly a daylily fanatic and hold the National Collection of Spider and Unusual Form daylilies, (now numbering something over 650), out of a complete collection of just over 1900+ Some of the plants that we grow here are very new to this country and we continue to trial them for weather hardiness and overall performance so that when they finally clump up sufficiently, we can supply you with good garden worthy plants. Sadly, this can take a few years and we are very grateful to all our loyal customers who are prepared to wait for them.

Now to the catalogue, plants will be sent out/sold on a first come, first served basis from mid March to June subject to weather conditions and again during September and October. They travel through the post bare rooted and most of the daylilies I am offering are growing on in 2 litre pots at present and are, (with some exceptions), almost always at least 2 fans so hopefully they will grow on well for you and be just what the doctor ordered. As ever you will see that the prices of the plants vary a great deal. In some cases the cultivars offered are still rarely available in the UK and the prices reflect this. As far as the limited list is concerned if you do not order early it would probably be advisable to contact me first by telephone or by e-mail to check that plants are still available. In nearly all cases last year we were able to provide all requests and I don’t send substitutes unless you provide me with a list or I have discussed this with you first. You have the option of paying by cheque or Paypal. Please also check out the revamped special offers page on the back of the cover and please also avail yourself of the discount as detailed on the order form. Please check out the website in August when we will be offering some more of our very special plants.

As far as my mail order efforts go it continues to be very reassuring and encouraging to receive all your lovely e-mails, cards and letters to tell me how happy you are with your plants and how well they are growing. It really is very kind of you to bother As usual the catalogue is available as a PDF giving you the opportunity of looking at the catalogue pictures in full resolution thus enhancing their beauty!

We did manage to add a few pictures to the website last year but there are still a lot of gaps, still trying. You will see I had to cheat at the bottom of the pictures pages in the catalogue and put in some views. Lesson there is to spend less time drooling and more time taking pictures. You can also click on the direct links to our Flickr and Facebook pages.

Our hybridising efforts are continuing and the seedling pots are taking over the whole garden now. We again had some lovely new seedlings blooming last year and can’t wait to see what this year brings. So, hopefully lots to look forward to again this year.

As ever please check out the BHHS website for the daylily events in 2017 and I do hope we will get to see some of you here this year, we really enjoy showing everybody the display. Our opening times are as follows:-

Saturday June 17th to Sunday August 13th 2017
10am to 5pm at weekends and weekday afternoons 2pm to 5.30pm excluding Mondays. Or any time by appointment.

Leaving you with a picture of the very special Black Falcon Ritual.

Special Black Falcon Ritual

Daylily Success at the
RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2013

Plant Heritage Tent Hampton Court 2013
RHS Silver Medal 2013
Plant Heritage Tent Hampton Court 2013

Daylily Success at the
RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2011

Our RHS Hampton Court Flower Show display
RHS Silver-Gilt Medal 2011

Dick Kitchingham x Judge Roy Bean 2009
Inian Giver x Black Ice 2009
Open Hearth x Skinwalker 2009
2012 Seedling
2012 Seedling
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