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Pollie's Daylilies and Daylily Nursery

Home of the National Collection of Spider and Unusual Form Hemerocallis

Wide range of Daylilies for sale, all shapes, colours and size.

We will be opening in June, subject to Covid rules at that time, and would love to show you our living catalogue during bloom time so why not pop over, enjoy a socially distanced drink with us and peruse the collection in our tranquil garden.

Please note all visits will be by appointment only to follow covid regulations so please contact us to arrange a suitable date and time before setting off. We wouldn't wish for you to have a wasted journey.

Donations to our local hospice gratefully received.

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Pollie's Perennials and Daylily Nursery

Explanation of Daylily
abbreviations and measurements

HM Honourable Mention
AM Award of Merit
SSM Stout Silver Medal
LLA Lenington All American Award
EFA Eugene F. Foster Award for outstanding late bloomer
DFM Donn Fischer Memorial Award for most outstanding miniature cultivar
DSA Don C. Stevens Award for most outstanding eyed or barred cultvar

Dip. Diploid
Tet. Tetraploid
Dor. Dormant in Winter
Sev. Semi Evergreen in Winter
Ev. Evergreen in Winter

Early, Mid, Late refers to the bloom season. In this country early is usually mid to late June, Mid is July and Late is anytime up to the end of August, (or later) if you are lucky.

Reblooming is a real bonus and is common in a lot of the cultivars offered. This gives a completely new set of flower scapes after the main bloom period. A distinct plus!

The first measurement in the description is the approximate height of the cultivar, the second measurement is the approximate width of the bloom. Be warned ­ sometimes the hybridisers may exaggerate and also the plants do not always perform quite as spectacularly in this country ­ oh for the heat of the Southern States. Was 2003 an exception or have we great things to look forward to.

Pollie's Perennials and Daylily Nursery

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